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Support Staff and Administrators courses

This industry relies on support staff and administrators to make sure that the R & D and Marketing process runs effectively and efficiently. So we place great value on taking care of the learning needs of pharmaceutical support staff. Our programmes include a range of knowledge, technical, and soft skills courses specifically focused on the needs of people in Biopharma support roles. With the new knowledge and skills gained from our courses, your support staff will contribute even more to the successful operation of your organisation.

Examples of the courses include:

Technical courses

  • Drug development/Overview of the pharma industry for support staff
  • Clinical research for clinical trial administrators
  • Clinical trial regulations
  • GCP
  • Project management for support staff
  • Clinical trial project support administrators
  • Drug safety

Interpersonal Courses

  • Proactive skills for administrators and other support staff
  • Business Skills for administrators and support staff
  • Project management for support staff
  • Multi-tasking and managing managers for support staff
  • Time management for support staff
  • Effective meetings
  • Effective communication
  • Presentation skills
  • Train the trainer
  • Process improvement

“All areas covered in a clear and interesting way. I will be recommending that all of my administrative team attend the next course” (GSK)

All courses can be tailored to your specific needs

To find out more about any of these courses or to discuss how a course could be tailored to your specific needs, please contact Laura Brown.