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International expertise for in-house customised technical and management skill training, and quality assurance audit for Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Medical Device and Healthcare organisations.
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Laura Brown have proven expertise across many topic areas . Her diverse publications, for example books written, co-authored by Laura Brown include the following:

Project Management for the Pharmaceutical Industry. This is the authoritative text on applying project management tools and techniques to pharmaceutical projects
A Practical Guide to EU Clinical Trials Directive. The booklet gives both an overview and a detailed analysis of the Clinical Trials Directive. It also explains how the Directive differs from ICH GCP for running clinical trails and how non-compliance can lead to legal action. Available from Dr Laura Brown
The Ultimate Book of Business Skills points the way for anyone in a management role. It puts the essential techniques for running a department or business, managing a team and making informed choices about strategy into the hands of the people who need them. It contains an excellent competency framework that can be used in the pharma sector.
Be Your Own Strategy Consultant provides an excellent range of management tools and techniques and is an ideal for understanding the essential techniques taught on MBA and business courses. It s a useful text accompanying Laura Brown’s Pharma Mini MBA course.
Value-Based Human Resource Strategy demonstrates how HR strategy can be positioned and implemented to generate real shareholder value. Many HR managers are trying to become more of a consultant than an HR administrator and don't know how to - this book addresses that need. It is practical and contains visual tools to work through HR issues, like pharma development and succession planning.
Developing the Individual explains how to develop yourself and your staff. It is a concise account of leading edge used training interventions. Dr Laura Brown has also written the Chapter covering Developing a Regulatory Compliance Training Strategy for QA in Good Clinical, Laboratory and Manufacturing Practices(2007)
Good Clinical, Laboratory and Manufacturing Practices. Written by a team of world experts, including Dr Laura Brown, the book provides practical and detailed advice for the quality assurance professional responsible for monitoring compliance with legal requirements and accepted standards of pre-clinical safety studies, clinical trials and manufacture of drugs. It provides a framework for integrating these standards with other quality management systems.