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Project Management for BioPharmaceutical and Professionals
Leading Project Management courses designed specifically for the Bio/Pharma Industry. From one to four day courses are available, both in-house and as a public programme. 
Key Benefits and why you and your organisation should invest in this programme:

  • Provide you with an In-depth Understanding of Project Management Tools and Techniques to Use in the Bio/Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Enable you to Incorporate the Project Management Processes into Everyday Working Practices and in your Current Projects
  • Understand How to Blend Together Both the Technical Aspects of Project Management and the Essential Interpersonal Skills
  • Examine the Competencies Appropriate for an Effective Project Manager
  • Share Best Practice Project Management Approaches
  • Discuss How to get the Best Results in a Project Team Environment

Feedback from previous delegates

“Great tools and techniques, and well organised and presented. Excellent interaction and mix of course material and discussion.”   Merck and Co.
 “Excellent and easy to use tools for project management” “A very interactive and informative course”   Novartis
“The course was excellent, easy to put into practice what I had learnt into the workplace.”  Roche

What is this course about?
Drug and Device development is a complex process which needs effective project management. With ever increasing pressures to complete the development of drugs and medical devices as quickly as possible, the effective use of project management can provide essential tools and techniques to achieve this.  Indeed effective project management can be a key factor to successful completion of bringing a drug or medical device to market.
Our interactive courses have been designed to provide you with a thorough understanding of project management skills, including both technical and interpersonal skills are available.
You will be provided with an integrated project tool kit which can easily be used with your existing or future projects. This tool kit has been used to significantly improve the success of bio/Pharmaceutical projects in many bio/pharmaceutical organisations.  Our courses will show you how to use these project management skills to gain the most benefit from them in your projects.
Who should attend?
This course has been specifically designed to address the needs of bio/pharmaceutical professionals who are, or will be, involved in drug development projects. The course is also very applicable to those working in the device and animal health industries. The programme will be of benefit for both members of the project team as well as newly appointed project team leaders/managers. In addition it may also be useful for established project team leaders who want to improve their project management skills. The course will be particularly beneficial for people who work in areas such as:
Dr Laura Brown is an independent Pharmaceutical Project Management and Training Consultant, and Course Director for the MSc in Clinical Research, School of Pharmacy at the University of Cardiff. Laura has more than 20 year’s experience of managing projects in the pharmaceutical industry. She has worked for several companies including Wellcome, Hoechst Marion Roussel, Good Clinical Research Practices and Phoenix International in project management.
Dr Brown has completed an MBA, with specialisation in project management. She is also the external project management expert for a pharmaceutical e-learning MSc module in project management, and the author of two books on project management including the leading  booking “Pharmaceutical Project Management” (2011 Edition Publication).
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