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International expertise for in-house customised technical and management skill training, and quality assurance audit for Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Medical Device and Healthcare organisations.
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Welcome – who we are and how are we different?

Laura Brown Training and Development delivers high value-added customised technical and management training solutions for the pharma sector. This includes pharma companies, and also medical device, biotechnology organisations and healthcare organisations such as research sites and Universities.

We are different through offering not just a very high level of training and experience across a wide range of pharma topics including clinical trial regulations, pharma "mini MBA" and project management. Also with a proven track record of delivery from an independent and thus very flexible consultancy.

Our approach – What we do and how?

We can diagnose, design, and deliver practical training solutions for pharma technical, managerial training needs. Through our expertise and care we aim to raise the competence of your organisation’s people to best-in-class. We achieve this through a balanced and highly stimulating learning mix of knowledge/process input, practical application and action planning and implementation support.

We can also assist with competency assessment, and shift in behaviour and knowledge levels and application – before and after any intervention, and with the appraisal of the value added by the training.

If you would like to discuss running a customised programme within your organisation, in a location of your choice, please contact Laura Brown now.

Free Training Needs Assessment/Training issue Advice

If you would like to have a free discussion about a training issue or about how to prepare training needs analysis and/or receive a free article on how to develop a training strategy, please contact Laura Brown.

Why use customised programmes – and why with us?

Whilst there is a place for attending public training courses, sometimes there are a number of individuals with the same competency gap within your organisation. Where this is of a sufficient scale or is specific to your organisation’s business needs, or both, then an in-house, customised training intervention is ideal. There are special skills required to diagnose, design, and deliver such training interventions to help you to obtain the maximum value out of any training solution.

“I really enjoyed this customised course, the content was excellent and I would recommend it to my colleagues” (Novartis) ...